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Alaska Abandoned & Derelict Vessels – Background and Task Force information

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The following resource pages will give you some ideas, examples, and cost estimates of various best management practices (BMPs) for reducing pollution in your harbor.  The Funding Opportunities page will be updated as new funding opportunities become available for grants and loans aimed at pollution-reducing capital improvements and outreach.

Clean harbor best management practices are intended to be cost-effective measures that can minimize pollution into our marine environment.  Some things to keep in mind:

  • Not all BMPs are applicable to all facilities.
  • The Alaska Clean Harbors Guidebook was developed in Alaska, for Alaskan harbors.
  • Your facility may be employing many of these, maybe you don’t have many of them in place at all.  We can ALL make improvements to protect our fisheries and our livelihoods.
  • Implementing some of the BMPs may require capital expenses.  ACH wants to help you to find grant money, loans, and other ways to meet these costs when they arise.
  • Many of the Clean Harbor BMPs are focused on communication and commitment by harbor staff to work together with customers to meet pollution-reduction goals.  ACH has some tools, and will be developing more in 2011, to help with this process.

Please explore these pages to learn more about ideas, costs, vendors, and examples of how others are implementing Clean Harbor BMPs in Alaska and throughout the Lower 48.

Solid Waste Management
Liquid Chemical & Hazardous Waste Management
Petroleum Product Management
Boat Cleaning & Hull Maintenance
Sewage & Pumpout Facility Operation
Vessel Operation Management
Harbor Management
Stormwater Management

For a list of Clean Boating outreach materials, check out ACH’s annotated spreadsheet. We’ve compiled the booklets, brochures, fact sheets, websites, and other materials that we have on hand into a searchable spreadsheet to help identify what tools may help in communicating with your customers on particular topics.

Download a copy of the Clean Boating Resources spreadsheet.